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Suggested readings

Brackley, Dean. “Remembering the UCA Martyrs: Ten Years Later,” Conversations, Fall 1999.

Danner, Mark. The Massacre at El Mozote. 1994. Penetrating account of the war and the U.S. through the lens of the El Mozote massacre.

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Manlio, Argueta.. One day of Life. Vintage International

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Wright, Scott. Promised Land: Death and Life in El Salvador. Orbis, 1994. Stories of hope and tragedy among the poor during the war in El Salvador.

Enemies of War , a film by Esther Cassidy (1999), covers the legacy of the martyrs in El Salvador

Killing Priests Is Good News. BBC, 1990. Features J. Sobrino, W. Ford and D. Brackley.
“Massacre at El Mozote.” 60 Minutes documentary, ca. 1993.