Projects in motion

Tutoring Program offers all the children in the village of Las Delicias needed reinforcement in their studies. This enables the children to keep up in their class assignments and enhances their self-esteem.

Literacy Program has opened up a whole new world for many mothers. They are able to read stories to their children and confidently use their math skills when purchasing items at the market.

Food for the Elderly is a project where we provide beans, rice, milk, sugar and coffee for the abandoned and malnourished senior citizens.  It is the sad tale of families relocating in order to find work and the elderly staying behind, refusing to leave their homes. Unfortunately, the elderly cannot support themselves and food is very limited.

Food For Thought is a program where children receive at least one meal a day in order to nourish their fragile bodies enough so that they can pay attention at school and learn the material presented to them in class. Before this program, the children were falling asleep in class and dropping out of school due to frustration and learning obstacles.

Building of Homes for Single Mothers began in 2014. The project includes the building of 12 homes which are being erected out of cinder block. Each house built includes 3 bedrooms and one large room, which can be used as a dining room or living room.  The families will have running water and electricity.

Beca Program sponsors children with scholarships for grade school, high school, and college.

$60 helps a grade school child with shoes, school uniforms, books
and other school supplies such as pens, paper and book bags.

$300 sends a student to high school.  The major part of the money is allocated for transportation while the remainder helps with books and school fees.

$1500 sends a student to college. This covers the monthly tuition and  some transportation assistance to and from the University.

Completed projects

10 Two Room Houses were built for the poor in Nueva Granada in Las Granadillas. The people worked side by side with our volunteers as the homes took shape.  Today, the families have added kitchens, bathrooms, and sheds on to their homes and have initiated a cooperative where they grow various plants and sell shampoo, soap and a variety of herbs.

2 Houses were built in a remote village called el Canton Limon.  These families were given the opportunity to cultivate nearby land and watch over future projects headed up by the community.

A Green House was also built in el Canton Limon where a group of neighbors cultivated tomatoes and peppers all year long.  A portion of the proceeds went to supporting the Elderly Center in Las Granadillas.

An Elderly Center was built to help provide food, showers, health maintenance and a place to socialize as well as stimulate the older population in the village with various games and informational talks.

Roads and retaining walls were erected within the village of Las Granadillas which helped forestall erosion  as well as facilitate  the transportation of materials to many outlying areas.

2 Houses in the village of Las Delicias were built.

A Clinic for children was built and is now being run by an organization from the United States called FIMRC (Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children).  There are many health issues due to the poverty in which the children live and FIMRC is helping to combat those illnesses and educate the families.

A Bridge was built connecting Villa Nueva with Las Delicias.  Before the bridge, the villagers were forced to walk down the mountainside, cross a stream and then continue climbing up the other side.  This was very dangerous and the municipality stepped in to oversee this project.

A Church was built in the village of Borja.  The people also want to use the church as a community center where they can hold meetings.

A Library and Study Center in Las Delicias is the latest building project completed. Books, shelving, tables and chairs have been purchased for the opening of the center.

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